NLP with Jessica
NLP with Jessica
Jessica Dufour, Certified Master NLP Practitioner

Tired of dating the wrong type of guys?


Do you struggle with:

Not feeling good enough
• Not listening to your intuition &
• Ignoring the red flags?

Are you tired of dating the wrong men over and over again? Are you guarding your heart because you have been been hurt over and over again? If you answered yes to these questions check out my blog post on: Why you keep ending up with the wrong guy

What if love didn’t have to be such a battle?

What if you can easily become and attract the person you desire without having to spend lots of time and money on matchmakers, relationship coaches, tarot readers, psychics, and even freezing your eggs? If this sounds in alignment with you, then welcome to a journey that will transform your life and love in a way that is lasting and personally empowering…


Work with Jessica

Meet Jessica Dufour, a certified Master NLP Practitioner based in San Francisco, CA. She helps professional women break free from toxic romantic relationships patterns so they can have the healthy romantic love they desire. How? By helping them to uncover and revise subconscious limiting beliefs that are standing in the way of them having what it is they truly desire.

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The work Jessica does is a true gift. She has a balance of asking questions in a clinical and heartfelt way. I have worked with a lot of therapists and the work she does goes to a new level of depth. Her questions demand reflection without being brutal or assaultive, they are gentle. Her intelligence, perception and kindness are a true gift. I really enjoy working with Jessica and I always look forward to our next session. 

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