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The work Jessica does is a true gift. She has a balance of asking questions in a clinical and heartfelt way. I have worked with a lot of therapists and the work she does goes to a new level of depth. Her questions demand reflection without being brutal or assaultive, they are gentle. Her intelligence, perception and kindness are a true gift. I really enjoy working with Jessica and I always look forward to our next session.





The work I've been doing with Jess really put some of my old wounds and tendencies into a totally new perspective and connecting things I didn't realize were related. She's quite literally giving me a new voice as that's one of the things that has threaded itself through many of our sessions.”

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I have had a few session with Jessica. She makes me feel really safe and able to explore all parts of myself. One of the sessions we did, healed me more than years of therapy. I couldn't even believe the result! I highly recommend NLP with her. It is such a powerful methodology.





Some of what Jessica does with NLP is similar to conventional therapy, but there is so much more and it makes so much sense when she lays it out for you.  Jessica is affirming, warm, genuine and passionate about NLP and helping her clients become their best self. If you're feeling stuck or can’t figure out why you keep cycling through those self-destructive relationships or behaviors, please see Jessica.




Jess’ insights, compassion, intelligence, patience, intuition and wicked sense of humor coupled with her solid NLP knowledge base will change lives. I’ve had the opportunity to work with and observe Jess’ work on several occasions. She’s the real deal.

Managing Director




Jessica is an outstanding NLP practitioner. I brought a lifelong issue to our session: the decision to lose a considerable amount of weight (100 lbs). While I haven’t ‘struggled’ with weight, it’s time to drop it, which requires some major change. 7 weeks later, I’m 20 pounds down with no end in sight. I’ll be back to see Jessica as more ‘stuck points’ come up. I give her my full recommendation!”.


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